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Charity the Business model for failing

Why are we targeted by such massive charitable corporations? Both local and foreign. Because we (Australians) give far more to charity per capita than any other western civilisation, more than Americans and more than Europeans do. Why? Are we born better? No. Are we richer? No. What is historically true, although the evidence is usually based on murder rates, crime rates and death by state, is the bigger the government the worse the citizen. They are preoccupied in Europe with how much time off. Where will they vacation? When will they retire? These are selfish questions, these are not altruistic questions. America gives substantially more than Europe and In America it is, “will I have my job tomorrow?” What if I get sick? In fact, although I despise the rhetoric of Trump, since he has removed a lot of federal social programs, Americans have almost doubled their individual donations. Sometimes I feel the compassion and loyalty of Australians is not just a virtue, but an exploitable flaw. We definitely have a better balance of ideology than both Europe and America. But, for many I speak to regularly, because they are so busy, they don’t know what they stand for, and don’t understand what our govt stands for either. This is in effect what I see could jeopardise our liberty, greater than any other risk. For our apathy at confronting who we are and want to become maybe our greatest threat. We are our problem. But, on a continent so rich in resources, we are also our solutions. The concern I have is “if we don’t control ourselves, we leave ourselves vulnerable to be controlled by others”

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