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Communication = Peace

Through the disguise of “compassion” and “crisis”. The government and bureaucracy is gradually annexing all the responsibilities of adulthood, be it welfare, employment, health care, child care, care of the elderly, to the point where it's effectively severed some of it’s citizens from humanity's primal instincts, not the least the survival instinct. These so called “do-gooders”, “social justice warriors” and other parasites, are corroding the citizens sense of self-reliance, personal responsibility and accountability. They promote “victims” and “ignorance” as a form of privileged identity, to potentially fatal degrees. Until the judiciary goes back to enforcing accountability there will be a continued decline in the moral fabric and freedoms of society. But, when the judiciary is infected with subjective perception rather than objective reasoning it too is corrupted. At least there are still some of us willing to courageously debate, discuss and dissuade the bloody actions that the fanatics crave. But, I notice those I respect for their wisdom and control, becoming more restless as the annoyance, lack of accountability and self-reflection have greater and greater impacts on the whole of our society. Communication stops violence, people generally aren’t barbarians when they are too busy talking/typing.

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