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20 ways how to F—k up the Territory! No. 20 No Accountability

20 ways how to F—k up an economy! Number 20 – No Accountability By our Local NT Government. (witnessed and written about by me, a lowly peasant, oops I mean citizen, but I don't want to steal their limelight, they did all the work... proudly.) Don’t get me wrong, continuously I’ve discussed economic factors and events with several sitting and aspiring politicians and pundits from both sides of the isle. To say Holes and Homes is their main concern would be an understatement, but forgiving the lack of economic and financial intelligence by both the local bureaucracy and the ignorant presented for us to vote for, what we have seen is that they can’t even get the Mining and Housing sector right, so we didn’t stand much of a chance for anything else. For those blaming either side for the problems, I say, they have both been as bad as each other, but given that we currently have a government with a massive, albeit, unstoppable majority of 18 members and an opposition of 2, this current government could really make some changes to fix things, but lets reflect first on both sides F-ups. I’m releasing one of these at a time, then I’ll provide 20 ways they might make some positive changes, so in the new year we might be able to re-invigorate our currently sitting government to get back to work and maybe represent the people again, as most who know me can attest, I have a critical mind, with a positive outlook. 20. No Accountability There have been several reasons why the NT Government (and federal as well on occasion) have promoted distrust, disloyalty and disaster into the NT’s economy, but none more dangerous than the utter lack of accountability accepted for the actions that have caused such economic destruction. It is clear to all in the Top End that if the NT Government holds itself accountable to nobody, then it ought not be trusted by anybody. This lack of responsibility and accountability not only erodes the perception of the positions they hold, worse, it leaches into every crack, gap and opening in the rest of society. I have heard excuses over the years, womanising, drugs, Alcoholism etc, but to me blaming their actions on their behaviour is akin to blaming a ladder by which they them selves descend into a pit to sift through the darkness of their own desires. I mentioned this lack of accountability several times in this “20 ways”, whether it be by the changing the names of departments just like the mutation of a protean bacteria, to avoid accountability or by shifting the decisions to others. But, I don’t just blame our political leaders for their lack of responsibility and accountability, that would be too simplistic and opportunistic. I also blame the community at large, for not holding these “political representatives” to a higher standard. I blame the public for failing to take the time and effort to “get to know” their candidates, their ideology, their community ties and associations, their past and their goals. You see its important to be involved in every single decision in your life, that you make. It may seem obvious, but with so many conveniences these days it is very easy to become uninvolved with certain aspects of your life, Politics being one of them. If you had to hand wash your clothes, would you look at clothing differently? Would you look for hard wearing and durable over fashion? If you could only walk everywhere, where would you walk? When and how often? Could you work where you work now? This list could go on for ever…..You would certainly be more consciously aware of the choices you had, if the choices were more restricted. There are many things we all do that are convenient that we should still not be doing, whether its eating out too often, driving instead of walking to places, sitting the kids in front of the Ipad, instead of reading books with them. There are things we shouldn’t be doing the way we are dong them. It is important and something we all truly know, that actions or lack thereof have consequences. For instance, back to governance, the proposed Museum, consider the current situation - Money provided because of social and political networks rather than need, a project designed for prestige rather than practical use, a lack of monitoring and accountability and an architectural company appointed for show by somebody with little interest in the quality of the work. Is it hardly surprising that a project that should never have been built in the first place, may be built and built badly? Now remember Parliament House….the bennet street walk way….. whether the project is big or small, if there is no accountability, then there are no repercussions to those responsible and the costs can burden us all for decades to come as “the Parliament house” has continued to do. It is your responsibility, Yes, Yours! You need to question the decisions of those elected (whether you voted or not), you need to question their decisions and chase them up for answers, remember the enemy of accountability is ambiguity, so ask them direct questions! If they don’t answer, ask why? If they don’t answer, go to their office and ask why? If they don’t respond create or join a group and ask Why? And keep on questioning until you get the answer that is the right answer, you might not know what that is yet, but you will, when you hear it! Why Question? Because it is my observation on human history, politics and ideological movements that those who can’t be questioned often end up doing questionable things! But, If you don’t want to take responsibility, if you don’t care about your freedom, then do nothing, say nothing and be prepared to lose everything.

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