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Government control is not a choice

Have you ever noticed that the population of our wealthy democratic society expects to have total choice over their satellite/internet TV packages, yet think it perfectly normal to allow the Government to make all the choices in respect of their health care.

It's a curious inversion of citizenship to demand control over peripheral leisure activities such as fishing, shooting, and our entertainment, but to contract out the big life changing stuff to the government.

I constantly hear people say, “well, that’s what I pay taxes for.” If that’s why you pay taxes, then go to Royal Darwin Hospital, go to the emergency department with a life threatening illness/ailment, broken limb or complaint, then you will get a real world example of just how inefficient government control really is.

Private health isn’t always better, but at least there is an opportunity for accountability, such basic responsibility is evidently lacking in our public health system. Note - I just had a reminder, of when my daughter almost died due to the incompetence and ineptness of certain doctors and medical staff at RDH, when she had to have her appendix removed.

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