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Arseholes and Angels

So I was reviewing some notes from working at one of the clubs the other night. I was asked by a man, not so much intoxicated as ornery and seeking to cause conflict, “why are you smiling? What do you think this is a joke?” I continue to smile. Advised him of my obligations and escorted him from the facility, answering him on the way out, “ it all is a big joke mate, but we are the punchline!” That’s how I see it some days, that god or what ever entity there is has embodied us with all the ingredients of good comedy. It seems to be an irony of history that the more similar two groups are, the greater the potential for them to dislike or hate each other. This observation tho totally fallible contradicts notions of understanding between groups, leading to peace. Whether it’s Israelis and Palestinians, Greeks and Turks, Indians and Pakistanis, south and North Korea, they understand each other’s culture, religions and ideologies. Im sure both sides could attest to and dispute this fact. Even intellectuals, academics and authors I’’ve read and communicated with, who share nearly identical worldviews, incomes, and interests are notoriously capable of despising each other. Yet many are writing books, blogs and speeches that promote understanding and communal ideologies. So it becomes clearer as I become more learned, I have come to the opinion, observation that malevolence, be it action, thought or reflection is a requirement for good and that’s funny. God needs the devil, conservatives require the far left/right in order to maintain motivation . Libertarians require the battle/Debate and conflict with tyranny and authoritarianism. The world need serious people in it so that the humorous can piss ourselves laughing at them on occasion.😂👍 Or maybe ..... we are all arseholes and angels👍. Have a beautiful day.

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