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ATSI don't need pity, they need respect!

I have been a witness as every Territorian, to the failures of so many programs to help the aboriginal (ATSI) peoples. So many on a daily basis on social media, in news papers and In social circles discuss the failures of such programs and schemes it has become too great to disguise, or to hide under euphemisms and apologies.

The conclusion that I hear being drawn in many places is not that these were half-baked schemes, ignorant policies, some under funded, set up by socialists with no historical merit, but that the ATSI people just don’t have what it takes.

That is total bulls..t. Many of these programs, special measures and subsidies were set up to fail, as they were the brain storm of intellectuals seeking to push a “victim mentality” mindset into a a culture already under evolutionary (through cultural assimilation) pressure.

Mainland aborigines were not even Iron Age yet the country was colonised like thousands of other countries and continents by far more advanced cultures.

Such conclusions of “lack of ability” are now part of the “new racism” spreading across society and in schools from primary to university. I can see no evidence of the benefits in both education, physical health and most definitely mental health through this type of ideology or the interventions and special programs etc.

There is plenty of evidence however to the contrary as has been recently displayed not only in the News but also through higher rates of suicide and other mental health issues.

In this modern day where everything needs to change “now”, it is important to realise that all change is a trade off and that it is important to know prior to engaging in an action, which direction your heading and what you want to achieve.

I can forgive the ignorance of the average person no matter what the colour. But, professionals especially those who have prospered both economically and in status due to the implementation of such programs require consequences for their actions, be it loss of job or eviction from public service.

Several friends from tradies to computer engineers, I like, their mindset based on results, if they stuff up, a building gets pulled down, or a program is cancelled and generally someone else gets and or finishes the job. They have both financial and standing consequences.

Not all programs or actions are equal, no western society can be seen doing nothing when child abuse etc is being propagated in a community. But, as much as I abhor it, if the culture is not willing to assimilate then sometimes kids have to be removed.

I suppose what I am trying to say, is that as a progressive, I am painfully aware both through business experience and basic understanding that change and development takes time and sometimes you get more progress by not engaging. Whilst you are busy prospering, you display self determination and will, and motivate others to achieve your results.

Trying to speed up change is like buying a new born baby a bike and roller skates and yelling at them when they can’t use them.

When the intellectuals of all colours come out and say ATSI development requires more money, more space, more communities and more special measures and subsidies, I think critically about what they are trying to do. Many fail to understand the fundamentals, both historically and psychologically.

Especially in my home town of Darwin, there has been a large proportion of far right Klan members in all walks of society and they are quite noticeably engaging and coming to similar “racist” conclusions with the far-lefts in Darwin’s community, under the pretence that “ATSI people don’t have the required developmental intelligence”.

This in my opinion is an observed worrying trend. It is as I stated total bulls..t. Cultures assimilate and adapt at different rates. The scots for example were historically poor and intellectually ignorant until a leader came fourth and stated that all scots must learn English if they expect to survive. Within 200 years they became the worlds leading economists, philosophers and writers.

There is historical data on both the changes in stature, and mental health of the day (in Scotland) due to a failure to assimilate into surrounding economies and cultures and the benefits that came afterwards. This was repeated with the Indians, Chinese, Irish etc it’s natural cultural evolution.

Darwinian adaptation to environment applies not only to nature but also to society. Just as you don't find eagles living in the ocean or fish living on mountain tops, so you don't find the intellectuals or politicians concentrated where their ideas have to stand the test of performance in my opinion.

ATSI people don’t require our pity, they definitely don’t require sympathy, they are not victims, they are part of the same race as you and I, the human race, their traditional culture is adapting, and not only are they assimilating quickly in historical terms, they have found like all cultures, ways to prosper with art, stories, religion etc. They are our fellow Australians and we should treat them with as much respect.

They are not “special people” they are our people, part and parcel of everyday life.

In my opinion you can’t take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization -- including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever socialists seem to disdain -- without horrendous consequences to them and to society at large.

So to all those who speak of good intentions, of giving special measures and special conditions, take some time to critically observe your interactions with others. You cannot possibly imagine how patronising it is when you talk in baby talk or pigeon English to many educated ATSI individuals.

I’m no saint, I am just lucky enough to have some great mates who pull me up when I start acting like a Wanker. If you read this to the end, you may think I still am one👍 that’s cool. I’m just sharing some observations, personal included.

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