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Being Grateful saves lives, it may be your own.

‘The missing tile Syndrome’ is ubiquitous. The overweight person see’s flat stomachs and six packs all around, the woman trying to get pregnant see children all around.

The ability to be critical of mind is perfectly natural, but without the ability or context to develop gratitude, people are susceptible to accepting victimhood.

For the average person, accepting any form of criticism enacts an emotional response. To the extreme, it can lead to connection and masochism, in others debilitating depression.

The use of gratitude training is an imperative to developing balance.

In our secular education system the inability to use songs and self-regulation of materials now deemed as potentially offensive by the ‘New wave social activists’ or ‘Social justice warriors’, who I will furthermore describe as the ‘Ignorant’, is limiting scholastic resources.

With restrictions on resources being enforced, the creation of “new” experimental systems by ‘self-identified’ or ‘Institutionally Identified’, ‘Experts’ is leading to massive issues in society, the most notable is the very real increase in suicide rates, the sexualisation of children, the increases in crime and the rise of serious violent offences in society. These changes seem ludicrous to the average person. Many of ‘the ignorant ‘, will-fully failing to accept common truths, facts and most recently science as objective realities of a more hierarchal value to their emotional beliefs and feelings. They resent the ‘scientific method’ or any form of hierarchal structure that might produce meaning or purpose.

The experiment was the ‘education system’. It was originally the capitalist’s observation that in order to increase the productivity of a resource, you are required to increase its value. The capitalists used the indoctrination process developed as far back as Ancient Egypt and financed schools in order to facilitate learning and create a work force able to maintain basic standards and communication skills.

Initially these were in places of worship as these indoctrination principles of religious education were directly applicable to vocational and educational training. Prior to this massive investment from the private sector, much of the populous was home schooled in the west.

The experiment of ‘systemised education’ worked so well and the benefits so far reaching that within a very short historical time, the wealth, safety and security of much of the planet increased at rates never experienced or even imagined in the previous 5000 years. However, the system relied heavily on the principle of capitalism.

What is Capitalism? It is the ‘voluntary’ trade of Speech, ideas, actions and resources with others, some of whom you may even hate, for mutual benefit.

Having seen the massive benefits in this system in the private sector, the ‘ruling elites’ who had benefited from the normally hereditary wealth or the theft from others through violence, felt increasingly threatened by the actions of those who were ‘creating new wealth’ from this ‘Value adding system’.

The ‘price rule’ principle that had been developing through-out trade and history was being used to trade not just goods, but social, class and recognition. Those that had successfully benefited by a name, birthplace, gender or colour through no fault of their own, could no longer rely upon those factors to determine success, education was levelling the playing field and creating new players. The capitalist ideology or ‘voluntary’ trade practices also led to the development of dangerous idea’s that threatened the status quo. The idea of ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty’ were those of the privileged, but now the masses, the slaves and the educated could dream, hope and envision, better they could plan. It took several generations of evangelical Christian capitalists to counter and eventually reduce slavery to such a level that the practice was almost extinct. But, as the prolific writer and social influencer Thomas Paine once wrote “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

It is relatively easy to determine the best schools in the world, they are private, and privately run, the best of anything requires both accountability and responsibility. However, the destructive ideology of theft and resentment by the ‘ignorant’, has never been vanquished from our modern society, in practice, it is currently (2018) more prolific than any time prior in history.

I can go on to describe the influences both globally and here in Australia, both positive and negative of social government intervention in the education system. The positive was initially affordable education (although paid for by theft and redistribution). The most notable negatives we experience today are easily identified as the ‘indoctrination and dogma practices’ teaching children and young adults ‘what to think, instead of teaching them how to think’.

It is in the proliferation of those in society whether identified by branding such as “communists, socialists, post-modernists” or whatever, ‘the ignorant’, they are those that believe in the involuntary theft and restriction of idea’s, thoughts, expression and resources through coercion or threat of violence or death, that most threatens our educational and intellectual ability to grow.

Without the use of “gratitude” training, these ignorant people will continue to enforce their will on others through violence, mob rule, cartels or political parties. Historically, the masses, in the Judaeo-Christian and Christian west, were given the example of the sacrifice of a life, that of Jesus, for our sins. It seems almost too simplistic, and yet it has effective for almost 2000 years, even If the main benefits (liberty and freedom from slavery) have only been experienced for the last 300 or so.

Note –

The question I personally think about, the reason I write, and teach educational stories to my children, is because I like most ‘capitalists’, I foresee a need, and I am voluntarily attempting to meet that need for mutual benefit. That need is to accompany the simple lesson taught by ‘the bible’ and few other texts, that of Gratitude, sacrifice, suffering and liberty. Because, when those around me are dying, losing themselves to depression or simply giving up, I am responsible and must through action remain accountable to those I love. I’ve been there… in the darkness, surrounded by the turmoil and confusion of losing purpose, my friends, my loved ones and my value. I fought my way out, painfully aware of those that due to their own resentment and ignorance wished me and attempted to cause me harm. I found the courage, I’ve seen in so many around me, including the resentful and ignorant. I have found the value, even in the ignorant, as watching a person ‘wake’ is as gratifying as ‘re-experiencing it’ myself. I have learnt to love others and in so, learnt to love myself. From the Heart.

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