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If you are going to charge for the service, maybe make its a one time payment.

Remember when you could just walk into the building board and check out your house file simple right! It used to be free. I mean that's what your tax, stamp duty, building fees etc paid for. So then they decide to make it more efficient to store all the files in a private company (Iron mountain) and you have to send them an email or fill out a form and request and within 3 days it will arrive at their new office and you can go through it. Efficiency = a big minus score Cost effectiveness on clients = well you need a computer $$$ with internet $$$ or need to make 2 trips to their office. hmmm minus $60 to $2000 to the poor taxpayer. Cost effectiveness for government = none they have to pay storage and retrieval fees etc yep a big minus again for guess who... the tax payer.

Score for public service - minus $Thousands Score for public - minus $Millions Score for Iron Mountain + $Millions (at the taxpayers expense)

What could they have done - get 1 staff member to electronically scan all files and archived the rest of the existing territory archives office. Computer power needed 1000 Terra flops or cloud contract. Well Now they've already paid for them to digitize them so now we just need upload them onto a secure cloud system and drag and drop. Considering the taxpayer has already paid for all of this several times over, probably a smart idea to stop gauging the public.

Plan to keep the costs down....

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