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Know your role!

Free markets are necessary to promote long-term growth, but they are not self-regulating, particularly when it comes to banks and other large financial institutions.

-The role of government is to protect the safety and liberty of its people. -To provide a defense force against foreign incursion. -To provide police deter and detect crime. -To enforce contracts between individuals through a fair judiciary. -The elected parliament is to write and create Bills, statutes and acts that are interpreted by the judiciary as law.

What we Territorian's observe is a parliament that think they are job creators, developers, economists and philanthropists, with the tax payers money.

The government is the referee, its job is to enforce the rules, it has no place in the game. When it tries to play all the players leave, because when they fail to score, which they always do, they steal the points from the other side and tell everyone they should cheer for them.

Territorians deserve better! Get these dodgy refs off the field!

Get of the bloody Field REF!

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