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Ode to my Southern Land

In the heart of a sunburnt country, where the skies stretch wide and blue,

Lies the spirit of a nation—steadfast, rugged, and true.

A land of sweeping plains, where ancient echoes still resound,

Australia, our cherished home, on this sacred day we're bound.

Beneath the Southern Cross, we stand, a tapestry diverse,

Each thread a tale of hope and toil, our history interspersed.

From Dreamtime's deep mythology to modern city lights,

Our story's penned in every hue, in days and dreamy nights.

Our voice echoes in our pride, a patriot's song resounds,

Where freedom's not just spoken, but in our hearts it's deeply found.

We're more than just a postcode on a far-flung global chart,

Australia, you're the canvas where we paint our lives as art.

Histories depth stirs our soul, in our struggles, we find worth,

Reminding us that character is shaped by trials and birth.

In every hardship, every joy, in every tear we've shed,

Lies the strength of this great land, where countless feet have tread.

From red-dust deserts stretching far to oceans deep and wide,

In every corner of this land, our hearts swell up with pride.

We celebrate the mateship that's been tested, found so strong,

In every handshake, smile, and yarn, in every heartfelt song.

On Australia Day we gather, from the cities to the bush,

In our diversity we're united, in a quiet, reverent hush.

For the future we are striving, with a past we'll not forget,

In the land of boundless dreaming, our sun will never set. Sam 26/01/24

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