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“Darwin is the Capital city in a welfare state (Territory)”

“Darwin is the Capital city in a welfare state” this statement infuriates those from both sides of politics but with no political will and no bipartisan support to fix many, let alone some of the issues that evolve from this fact, Darwin is at the mercy of the worst type of corporate capitalism, the carpetbagger and corporate raider.

The carpetbagger is the southern politician who swoops in from south inundated with corporate and electoral party investment to wine and dine the local who’s who, sink some money into the struggling media outlets and use marketing prowess to create Brand awareness of a product with no real substance.

The corporate raiders are the financiers and southern, multinational and international companies that practice making hostile local takeover bids on businesses and local contracts to either control local policies both political and commercial and to resell the assets at a profit. A common practice that out local government has become accustomed to is the set-up and fail model, whereby a small company from south opens a local site after winning a local contract with an unrealistic proposition then goes bust, transferring the assets and income to other companies whilst leaving local business suppliers with large debts and no recourse to obtain the loss.

On further inspection of political figures both past and present the finger prints of this type of skulduggery can be found in almost every nook and cranny of all the political parties represented in the NT.

The most common way that the community (People) have evicted such blatant behaviour in the past was by revolution but the high un and under-employed populous and highly regulated and obstructed ability for people to protest creates too great a barrier for the lethargic nature of the true Territorian. “It’s just too bloody hot to do anything about it”. So we now wait every 4 years to “piss off another bunch of W@@kers”

The Territory with its vast open spaces, tremendous amounts of resources (not just gas), Water and agricultural treasure-trove, and small population allows itself to be likened to the Wild West. Where gun toting rednecks in hilux’s travel the country side bitching about subsistence survival whilst shooting geese and trying to keep their fishing catch under the limit. Remember however these guys and girls still own guns!

Our locals are considered country men, although many could barely survive the country without the vast amount of monetary welfare provided to send a banana to an outback store to sell at $9 each. Clear evidence that the local Labour party has lost any resemblance of its socialist, union and leftist brand is that it spends inordinate amounts of time trying to convince the locals to allow Fracking, whilst negating their elected duties to seek more federal money to invest in infra-structure, jobs and progressive social initiatives. Only recently our local government allowed a regression in the penalty rates of its citizens, tax payers and workers with little more than a private whinge.

Note to elected party officials you operate in a democracy and your consistent attention on minority policies and minority topics is the reason you are being consistently thrown aside from one party to the other. This practice of division has been done and proven time and time again over the last 200 hundred odd years to be influenced by financial agenda’s that do not reflect the national security of our country. The recent revelations of the Chinese investment and influence on and in our political systems, from local councils, to local and federal government members is getting the rednecks flustered.

The major parties can sook all they want with their metrosexual café lattes drinking over-priced caffeine products to keep their glazed over eyes mirroring the morons they are. The rise of conservative and nationalist parties is happening and over the next 3 years due the frustration of the middle class and X generation who are just pissed off that you haven’t given us anyone decent to believe in or that reflected our society since we were kids are starting to rumble.

The good news for the parties, the old ignorant farts that have either drunk too many brain cells away or still believe that their 4year degree they completed in the eighties and nineties that my 17year old son can understand and implement in a month are still voting for you.

Much of the ignorance of the middle aged southern born male and female that think its ok to hose away the vulnerable instead of talking with them or offering a helping hand are still the majority in the NT but according to Sensis data, the average age is approaching the mid 30’s and 1 out of 8 people living here are from more benevolent cultures fostering compassion, respect and education.

Also the heat, lack of adequate aged care facilities and a growing dissatisfaction with southern incompetence is driving away many of the old bastards.

Regrettably the young are either choosing not to vote (disenchanted) or are voting for progressives. With up to 50% in local polls of those under 30 choosing to avoid the polls due to lack of adequate choice or election fatigue. The generation gap is shrinking, as generation X is predominantly supporting both generations above and below them and have the education, understanding and hope of living through cassette tapes to Cloud drives.

What does this mean?

That hope is alive, well and growing.

Is the end coming to the corrupt autocratic 2 party system?

Well it won’t go down without heaps of screaming and yelling, massive public tantrums, and a substantial amount of corruption and fraud (hopefully some of it being accountably dealt with).

When you discuss the expansion of parties and the greater representation of the people through independents the party affiliated cringe. Career politicians whose sole purpose was to exist on perpetual welfare either in government employment or semi-government (Public controlled assets administration) expected to find political ascendancy, but more frequently those who have succeeded in private industry are deciding to give back. Whereby public service is public service.

In words of dread to the parties, but a sign of hope struggle and change to the people

"Winter is coming!" But who will be our John Snow?

Note - For those seeking public office, I recently exposed myself to the campaign system and I am happy to provide any feedback, information and provide avenues to corporate and public funding to better serve your run. The requirement for such help, is you don’t have to be perfect, just a representative of the people, for the people.

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