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We’re talking about CCTV, we’re talking about you and me ¶¶

The sad reality of our legal system is that it is becoming more and more common for the courts in Australia to require statements are struck from the record. In the age of fake news and Gamon media, the picture tells a thousand words. In the security industry we are constantly reminded by lawyers and police officers, it is not what actually happened it’s what you can prove. We are lucky, we are in the age of Bodycams and CCTV.

Just as improvements will be made to human psychological technology and the social benefits espoused to learning how to lie, believably, so does technology wage a counter attack. The increased use of CCTV in both public, private and commercial facilities is the means security have, to keep ahead of the pathological expert.

Many of the offender’s security professionals are confronted with, have extensive experience in the legal system, and when dealing with assaults, witness statements, alike, security professionals who have limited court experience are treated as hostile witnesses and bamboozled by the manipulative language of the legal fraternity. The offenders many of them youths know through experience that the legal system is unequipped to handle them, and there are very little progressive youth diversion activities that teach responsibility or privilege, they teach them their legal rights.

Feeling safe in your home is important, however, feeling safe and secure in the workplace is equally important. The relatively small investment in CCTV not only promotes better formation of evidence but also a sense of well-being.

So what are the benefits of CCTV?

1. CCTV or Closed Circuit TV is used to act as both a visual deterrent and to monitor activity that takes place within your business or home. Its rise in popularity is in direct correlation to the corruption of our legal system in Australia.

2. It is a great way to create security on a budget. If you want to secure your business but can’t afford the budget of manned guard resource, CCTV is the best alternative. The latest technology has not only clearer images but also alarms, mobile phone, and Cloud access.

3. Security, on call 24/7. It records 24 hrs a day, seven days a week so it’s essentially the perfect employee. Many installers also upsell back to base facility and guard attendance service. For instance MPS Security has the “The Watch Tower™” program whereby they are notified and can contact you and the police for a fee.

4. Protecting your employees, guests, customers, property and premises with CCTV. When people enter your premises, they become your responsibility. CCTV Cameras can give you added protection and peace of mind. They can capture serious incidents, health and safety issues and provide the ability to educate and review your internal practices and procedures.

5. They also lower your insurance premiums substantially and your financial risks. It is a great way that suppliers and investors keep an interest in your business. Installing CCTV demonstrates the level you are willing to go to ensure that your business, family and assets are protected. The use of CCTV Camera’s may be the point of difference that makes you, your clients only viable option.

Stand alone, CCTV is a great method of protection and prevention. When CCTV is teamed with additional security services that form part of a wider security focus, it mitigates risk, and deters crime in a meaningful and deliberate way.

If you want more information on the type of CCTV Product available and the ability to meet your needs at a reasonable budget, call Sam Wilks on 0402 152 929 to arrange a Security Audit of your premises. Through communication, consultation and creative thinking, I know how to meet your needs.

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