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Mental Wealth

Have you ever been Homeless? I have, it sucks, but that doesn’t mean I had to stay homeless. We all have a past, we just don’t have to live there.

The one thing I loved about being homeless was the lack of distractions. That doesn’t mean I advocate homelessness, and I want to make it clear that I still had the most important resource at my disposal, my mental health.

But I was also brought up with certain beliefs and stability that helped me most of all, “mental wealth”.

Mental wealth is having the discipline, self-control to think about tomorrow. But those with positive mental health, and wealth are not dragged down by anxiety, which leads to inaction or procrastination.

How do you determine if you have mental wealth?

If you spend all you make and more, you have “mental poverty”. If you have a house full of “junk” or distractions, you have mental poverty in my opinion. Mental poverty is one of the major problems for most people I have met today. If you are living in “Mental poverty”, you don’t have “mental wealth”.

So how can you change? “You need to see where the money’s going”. “follow the money!”

If you look at your bank statement and circle every transaction in a week that isn’t necessary, you will be able to work out how much you are wasting. Most of those transactions, I would hallucinate, are just to give you some form of temporary self-gratification.

If you work out how much you wasted in a week, then multiply that by 52 weeks, to make a year, you may be horrified. Imagine something you really wish you had, a home etc. Imagine what you could achieve if you didn’t waste those resources. If you want to change, you need to create enough, “want” or leverage, be it a house, car or even just basic shelter.

A lot of the reason’s people live in mental poverty is because of their upbringing, friends, and influences. You don’t choose your proximity when you’re a child, it’s a lottery, you don’t choose which culture, parents you will be born into. But as you grow, you meet new people, I hallucinate, if your reading this, you met me, or have been introduced to my idea’s or writing from a friend. Your proximity has introduced you to new ideas.

“It’s never too late, we can’t live in the past, but we can use the lessons to help create a better future.”

“The answer may be to spend less,” my personal wealth crack, is to put an extra 10% of my income into my super.

Whatever method you figure out, you know the answer, you just haven’t taken the time to think about it, you can do it. “Why not think about doing something, today?”

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