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Buying your first Home

If you are struggling to get into the housing market then I have listed some tips below to help.

· Stop spending everything you make. Buy the big luxury items (the big house, expensive car and boat) after you’re wealthy. Buying those things on credit does not make you rich—it makes you poor.

· Skip the takeaway dinners, the convenience-breakfast, and lunches and dinners out. It’s temporary pleasure. Most off it ends in the toilet bowl or as inches around your waist.

· Stop buying on impulse and buy to need instead; put that money in a savings account until you build an emergency fund.

· Pay off your debt every month with a portion of your savings. I hate direct debits but they make sure you maintain a good credit rating to buy your first home and make sure the bills get paid.

· Set aside fun money for a family vacation or special night on the town to stay motivated. Many banking institutions offer Christmas accounts or savings accounts that generate interest.

· Become an investigator. Watch where every single penny you make goes. If you don’t know where your money is going, you’re never going to be wealthy or buy a home.

· Get rid of Credit Cards. Life is not about working for what you bought last year.

· Set up a Wealth Crack. Contact your employer or if you are a business owner go directly to your superannuation company and start making voluntary transactions. Maybe start of at 5% of your income and work your way to 10% and eventually as you get older to 20% of your income.

· Read. Personal development isn’t just good for mental health, it also provides access to better opportunities and the ability to recognise a good buy, when it comes along.

· Volunteer To avoid the feelings of anxiety or depression from missing out on opportunities or stumbling due to distraction, do something for others. It fulfils your social contract to yourself and others and aids in maintaining mental health during “The Grind”.

I am a Real Estate Principal with over 17 years in the industry as an investor, builder, Agent, asset manager, personal body corporate manager, Business manager, licensee, and Director. I have performed every role in real estate from door-knocking, cold calling, to 3rd party lead generator, to developer and speaker.

To meet my social contract, to pay back, and forward, for all the success, and amazing struggles I have faced, I share my thought, and ideas, with you. Thank you for the time you took to investigate my work.

I respect you and your journey, and appreciate any advice or experiences you wish to share or offer.

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