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Email "etiquette"

Some tips on office/commercial emails etiquette

  • Ask yourself if you would CC yourself, easy with the CC’s. It spreads a conversation that the other party may not be ready to share yet.

  • BCC, sends a message about you to the person your BCC’ing

  • Assume that every email you send will be read aloud in court one day. Be discrete, mind your P’s and Q’s.

  • If your message is less than 7 words, put it in the subject line.

  • Email signatures should not involve words of wisdom. Not Tony Robbins, Kath and Kim or your favourite line from Arnold or the Rock.

  • Unless you need something read immediately, don’t put in exclamation points.

  • But if it does need to be conveyed immediately, make a call.


  • small caps isn’t ok, for everything either.

  • Don’t play around with the fonts too much, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica are pleasant on the eye.

  • Don’t use Verdana.

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