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Tips on NET (No extra time) de-stressing

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time on one muscle, the gluteus Maximus. We all know that the longer we spend on it, the worse our health is. In Real estate, the majority, of my time is spent driving, and if I don’t counter the activity, it lowers my cardio vascular fitness, increases the size of my waste, and lowers my ability to deal with stress.

Now I can’t lift weights or exercise whilst I’m driving to increase my heart rate during driving and I hallucinate it could lead to dangerous outcomes. The more and longer I drive the worse I feel, and it leads to a drop in motivation.

But over 17 years in Real estate has led to me picking up a few moves to counter the tightness and stress.

The neck stretch – using your head lower your left ear to your left shoulder, hold, then release, now lower your right ear to your right shoulder, hold, then release. Keep your eyes on the road and lower your chin to your chest, hold, then release.

Breathing – Take 5 long deep breaths in through your nose, then hold for a count of 2-5 seconds, then release the air through your mouth. Don’t repeat to often as for some people over 5 deep breaths can lead to a sense of dizziness

Posture stretch – Extend your arms forward (grabbing the steering wheel), lift your chest and flex your arms for a few seconds and relax. Repeat 10 – 20 times.

Seated pelvic thrusts – whilst in the seated position, tighten the hop flexors and attempt to raise your pelvis forward. Hold for 10-15 seconds and release.

Take a break - Where possible, take a break, preferably near a park, get out of the car and shake your arms and legs for a few seconds.

When the lights are red - When at the lights and your car is in park, with the hand break on (maybe at the lights). Raise your knees and flex the calve muscles. If you have ever travelled on a plane and read the exercise to reduce blood clots etc, that the one we are repeating, stretch and tighten and release about 5 times.

Listen to uplifting music - The link between music and stress relief is well published and known. If you have a modern car plug in your ipad or usb and play some of your favourite uplifting beats. If you are in Real Estate, sign up to RE-Uncut and listen to the industry experts give you invaluable tips and advice.

Note - Sam Wilks has been a past RE-Uncut contributer, but receives no payment, commissions or gratuities for any referrals to this invaluable resource to the Real Estate industry.

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