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A good Security Officer knows Sales.

Many that know me and have observed me working in the security industry have commented that they don’t understand how I am able to deescalate some situations. There are no secrets in my methods. If any of them took the time and effort and participated in Sales, a verbal Judo Class or learnt some basic hypnosis, they would understand exactly what I do.

There are 2 types of suggestions, there is the “direct, authoritarian type” generally taught to law enforcement, military and most security officers, and there is “the indirect, permissive type” which is taught in conjunction in Europe and high conflict areas.

I like to associate it with hypnosis as it is easier for me to explain. The direct, authoritarian type is when a hypnotist commands “Go to sleep Now!” and the permissive style would be “you may find yourself getting tired and, more, sleepy as I speak” or “as you think about my words, I want you to think about how you would feel” as I use in security.

Many security officers I work with believe the “direct, authoritarian method” is superior but with training and practice you would discover that both methods work. As not all people are the same it is important to realise which method will best suit an aggressor, in a situation. This takes practice, confidence and skill.

The use of the “indirect, permissive method” is done covertly, and requires no pre-talk or warnings, this method is extremely successful in influencing a client for example in “sales”. I personally find the permissive, indirect method a more elegant and “natural” way to deescalate a situation. It shows respect whilst eliminating resistance.

Having through years of use and practice becoming proficient at both methods, I stand out in any given situation. Using linguistic pattern’s, I have been able to create more harmonious work environments from working for international Corporations to boutique agencies.

In my opinion, the greatest experience, for those seeking to carry out, the use of de-escalation, whether it be in law enforcement, military, or security professionals, is to work in sales. It will teach you the benefits and skills of “The indirect, permissive Method” and give you another weapon in the fight against aggression and anti-social behaviour.

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