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The 7 Biggest de-escalation communication mistakes I’ve seen in Security.

1. Failing to say something good about yourself. This doesn’t mean you Brag, for instance you wouldn’t say “I’m the biggest and strongest Security Officer here”, You might say something positive and humble like “Other patrons here will let you know I’m fair.

2. Using the word “BUT”.

When you use the word “BUT” you are telling the person/s that you have taken an opposing stance to them.

Instead of using the word “BUT” replace it with “AND”

For example.

Old way - “ I understand it’s a long way to the smoking area, But you still need to leave this area now”

New Way - “I understand it’s a long way to the smoking area, and this area is non-smoking”

3. Not using your Rapport skills to build trust

The easiest way to use rapport skills to gain trust is to mirror the pace of the words and the language (minus profanities) of the patron.

4. Failing to find out their objective first.

It’s as simple as asking “what is your concern?”

5. Using the word “Try”

When you tell somebody, you are going to try to do something, you are telling them you won’t do it. It is important not to over promise, only disclose what you “can and will” be able to do. This takes tremendous practice.

6. Don’t say bad things about other Security Officers.

Most of us in the industry have been guilty of this but if you have something to say, say it to the face of the officer, never share your anger, distrust, dismay or frustration with patrons. Be professional.

7. Using the word “IF”

Replace the word “if” which gives them a choice with “when”.

For example.

Old Way – “If you stop smoking here you won’t get a fine”

New way – “When you stop smoking here you avoid a fine”

Working in the security industry can be as hard or as easy as you make it, remaining vigilant, constantly learning and creating rapport with your patrons and clientele goes a long way in creating harmony.

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