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What creates successful “Sales”?

Sales is about “timing”, it’s about getting in front of the right people with the right message at the right time. You must position yourself for opportunity, properly plan your presentation, build trust, and uncover the right answers for objections that may come your way.

It’s about “communication”, how you make the answers and the solutions available, under the conditions that your clients are most influenced by.

It’s about creating “value”, but ensuring that you make a margin of profit for you to prosper, whilst ensuring the best value for your clients.

Then it is all about “service”, ensuring that your past clients and new clients requirements are met whilst attempting to meet their expectations, within legal parameters, moral, and, ethical boundaries.

Once you have achieved the right “timing, communication, value and service” you must then encourage referrals. Sounds Simple doesn’t it. But with over twenty year’s experience in sales, some extremely successful, some not so, I can attest that what is simple is not easy.

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