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Globalization + or -

There is an ideological battle underway globally. It is a battle that ill determine the future prosperity or financial democracy of our children. It is being fought in the media, on social media, in the class rooms and at your local supermarket. It has no real marketing and it is present yet not spoken off.

It is the battle of globalization.

Globalization can be defined in several ways according to Brink Lindsey.

1. Economic – Increased integration of markets that transcend political boundaries.

2. Geopolitical – Eliminating imposed trade and economic barriers that limit the free flow of resources.

3. Political – Spreading policies that that encourages both internally and externally its Market orientation.

Globalization proponents argue –

  • It removes the racial and cultural tension brought about by difference and encourages people to integrate.

  • That an open free market economy is the only system capable of giving individuals material well-being.

  • States will remain the centres of political debate and authority, but corporations gain their legitimacy from the states that foster their operations.

  • It is in the best interest of countries and their citizens to participate in treaties that remove barriers to trade and permit the free flow of financial capital.

  • These Treaties are only effective when they are specific, clear and enforceable.

  • World Trade organisations have become extremely successful, however, it has led to a few countries with minimal trading impact wielding disproportionate power, this however can be renegotiated through trade commissions.

  • It will encourage sovereign debt to occasionally be renegotiated through global trade commissions.

  • It will increase the ability for some to give development assistance to countries with reasonably sound political and economic policies.

  • It encourages Countries to effectively raise their revenues or lower them using taxation methods to remain competitive in a global market.

  • It encourages peace through intervention. The global community needs to improve its capacity for intervention when states fail to encourage citizen development.

Globalization proponents often State “It isn’t that the worlds poorest citizens are being exploited. The problem is they are unexploited and omitted from the worlds global economic system.” They would argue the worlds problems steep not from too much globalization but not enough.

Those anti-globalization, believe that it is an oppressive force that

systematically impoverishes the less fortunate. They believe -

  • It removes the sovereign rights of a country by agreement in world courts and administrative tribunals.

  • It Undermines democracy.

  • It effectively lowers wages and causes rampant economic insecurity.

  • It destroys the ability for countries to control and regulate their own economies.

  • It has a negative and damaging affect on farmers and encourages the use of chemicals and pesticides that may have harmful side effects.

  • It prevents the poor from obtaining health care and medicines

  • It gives the power of inflation to outside foreign powers.

  • It has been harmful to the environment

  • It incites nations and states to reduce regulatory standards and lower taxes and wages.

  • It allows the creation of economic crisis to manipulate capital from one country to another.

  • It pushes greed as a primary motivator of all human behaviour

  • It devours humanity’s legacy of diverse cultures.

  • It encourages corruption and identity politics.

  • It takes the power off the many and transfers it to the very few.

  • It encourages disengagement through authoritarianism and decreases security.

I will not judge, whichever side you have chosen to engage with. In business, I am forced to tango with both sides on a regular basis. But You alone make a choice as to which you align. I am constantly contacted by the communism and socialist apologists espousing the benefits of China and the benefits that have been experienced by much of their society. I have been endowed with the wisdom of experience and the knowledge of communication. I have worked and interacted with those that have fled such authoritarian regimes and remind people that over a period of 4 years, 45 millions people were massacred to install this political ideology. Over 300 million people have been displaced in the last 20 years due to major infrastructure reforms and the only country that kills more people lawfully (approved by the state) is the United States.

We are a young and resource rich country. We are vulnerable due to our population size, yet we could be the wealthiest country in the world, through technology and innovation.

Australia is a land of leaders, we are generally egalitarian(fair) in nature. It's is our decisions and choices over the next few decades that will determine the economic prosperity or social inequities faced by our grand children. Wake up.

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