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In Life there are those that do, and those that know how!

One of the hardest people to find in this world is the person that knows how to get things done. My background hasn’t come from always knowing the most in the room, but I am the one that knows how to get things done. But I know I can’t get it done by myself.

These are my personal traits as described to me from my business partners recently.

The purpose "Who You are Sam Wilks" was in response to a description I wrote of myself.

Ambition – I wish to accomplish meaningful things that are noteworthy, but I am not willing to win at all costs.

I am Driven and have Tenacity - to search, persist and follow through but I sometimes hold on too long.

I have Self-Confidence —I constantly overcome the fear of failure, fear of response or the need to be liked and use power judiciously without becoming arrogant and narcissistic.

I am a Realist — I can see what can be accomplished but I don’t gloss over problems or assume the worst.

I hunger to Learn — I am always learning to grow and improve and not repeat the same mistakes.

I am Open — I am receptive to new and different ideas and don’t shut other people down.

I seek fairness – I constantly seek fairness and promote merit and experience over equality.

I Share and Coach – I am always imparting knowledge and seeking to enlighten through questions.

Family First - I am not willing to sacrifice my family for wealth or fame.

These are traits that show my character and conduct in their words during our 8 years of friendship and business partnership. They are not to be seen as virtues or flaws just as observations to help me learn.

I would like to thank Rob and Mo for such a deeply personal assessment.

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